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Vital Sensation ManualVital Sensation Manual

The Vital Sensation Manual is a series of five units for homeopaths to learn how to apply and take homeopathic cases using the Sensation Method. The manual is an interesting read for non-homeopaths, but is not meant to be used by lay-people who are not formally trained in homeopathy. This second unit focuses on levels using the Sensation Method.

The in-depth course provides a comprehensive understanding of the methods used to prescribe and treat patients homeopathically based on Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s theories, research, teaching and practice.

The Sensation Method developed by the Bombay Group led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran improves your self confidence because there are clear indications of how to follow the case and to narrow the prescriptions.

Easy To Understand, Logical, Many Examples, Understand The Principles And Apply Them…

The manual explains where you are when taking a case, and how to use a mapping system when using this approach:

• Begin with the chief complaint

• Discover the Vital Sensation (where the mind and body connect)

• Follow the various levels (going beyond the level of Delusion to the levels of Sensation and Energy where the qualities of the substance are described by the patient)

• Differentiate the four kingdoms–Mineral, Plant, Animal and Imponderable

• Apply the tools of miasms

• Make an accurate prescription based on Source and Sensation language and confirmed through traditional methods of the repertory and Materia Medica when available.

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