100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul for Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub

Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub During Coronavirus Times

100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul

DAY 78: June 7, 2020

Rainbow Diner

by Astrid Arlen

Rainbow Diner is the true story of how siblings Astrid and Benny handle an unorthodox, bicoastal childhood raised in turn by a saucy, larger-than-life gay father in New York, and an unpredictable, uninhibited hippie mother in California. Dad was all about martinis, dancing and getting laid. Mother saved black widow spiders and the homeless. Brother Benny was Astrid’s immutable compass. He kept a straight face, his eyes glazed. All Benny wanted was to stay in one place. With all hell breaking loose, will Astrid and her beloved little brother navigate the ’70s and ’80s and survive childhood?

Yearning for Magic