100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul for Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub

Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub During Coronavirus Times

100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul

DAY 72: June 1, 2020


by Jane Ann McLachlan

On May 1, 2003, Jane Ann McLachlan was driving her daughter Caroline, home from university for the summer, on a routine errand. Their affectionate banter was broken when a jeep suddenly barreled into their car. The impact trapped McLachlan in the car with multiple injuries and resulted in severe PTSD.

McLachlan takes us on a deeply personal and emotional journey through PTSD. She is forced to surrender her illusion of control and re-evaluate what it is that gives a life value.

In telling her story, she captures with searing candor and moments of wry humor the impact of PTSD on its victims and their families, and shines a light on the unacknowledged truth that PTSD is not something that only happens to war veterans or victims of abuse, but something that can happen to anyone.

Impact is the story of how a life can be shattered in the blink of an eye, and of how to begin again.

“Jane Ann courageously shares her innermost thoughts as she describes her complicated trauma experiences, the impact it had on her family, and her painful healing journey. As a social worker and educator, I found her writing captured the emotional magnitude of PTSD and helped me to relate to her experiences in a very real way. This memoir is a must read for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of trauma and healing.” ~Angela Hovey, PhD, RSW

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