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100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul for Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub

Social Distancing Memoir Bookclub During Coronavirus Times

100 Days of Memoirs to Nourish the Soul

DAY 66: May 26, 2020

Yearning for Magic

by Melissa Burch

In her debut memoir, My Journey through War and Peace, Melissa Burch told the compelling story of how she braved a war zone as a young woman and found her voice as a filmmaker and feminist.

Yearning for Magic continues Melissa’s adventures as she explores new horizons as a mother, lover and healer. She learned that while traveling with the Mujahadeen was hard, it took just as much courage to face down her fears on home soil, grapple with infertility and embark on her new calling as a homeopathic healer.

Join Burch as she discovers meaning and joy in surprising places: from a christening on a Greek Island to life in an East Village Quaker community, and from a miraculous healing in Brazil to a life-changing spiritual experience in India.

Her most daring journey was her voyage within. “Sometimes I kept having the same thought over and over. I must do something that felt exciting and fearful, like rappelling off a cliff — most often this idea worked out for the best,” Burch recalls.

Yearning for Magic will inspire you to stay open to the unknown, listen to your inner wisdom, learn to live in the here and now …. and seek out your own heroine’s journey.

Yearning for Magic