Book Tour Photo Journal

Heroine's Journey:
Road Trip & Quest
March - May, 2016

Gaia & Melissa Burch

The focus of my own heroine’s journey in 2016 was to share my story of divine connection, intuition and the (extremely dangerous!) adventures I threw myself into in my 20s when I launched the first book of my Pathfinder Trilogy Series, My Journey Through War and Peace.

In addition to sharing my story with the world (ah!), I’m also deeply excited and committed to inspiring others who are navigating their own spiritual and heroine’s journey. I toured the U.S. with my husband, George, and college bound son on a book tour that turned into an adventure of a lifetime.

March 2016 Book Tour Photos

Porter Square Books, Cambridge/Boston, MA
Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine, Rockville Centre
Penington Friends House, New York, NY
Potter's House Bookstore, Wash. D.C.
Enjoying a fabulous bonfire at the end of the day!
Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA
Our beautiful bedroom!
Malaprop Bookstore Cafe, Asheville, NC
Melissa and George
Nashville RV Park
Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN
Books & Books, Miami, FL

April 2016 Book Tour Photos

Enjoying a quiet evening in Comfort Texas style!
Texas Sunset
Antigone Bookstore, Tucson, AZ
Melissa with her family at Grand Canyon
In the desert
Reading at the San Diego Public Library in La Jolla CA
Los Padres Mountains
Pages: Bookstore, Manhattan Beach CA
Driving the rig
Third Place Books, Seattle WA
Book Passage, San Francisco CA
Book Reading Video at Books & Books in Miami, FL

May 2016 Book Tour Photos

Kid taking a break in RV
5th rainbow in Wyoming in one day!
57th St Books, Chicago IL
Horizon Books, Traverse City, MI