Advance Praise

"In this memoir, a documentary filmmaker describes her dramatic journeys,
both outward and inward... An absorbing, well-written memoir by
a brave adventurer who discovered her own life.”

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews
Memoirs are new myths
for navigating our challenging times...

"My wish is that my writings will inspire you to seek new vistas, live beyond the obvious, and encounter the sacred."

Melissa Burch
Melissa Burch
Melissa Burch
Melissa Burch

My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker is an adventurous spiritual memoir about a woman in her twenties who seeks self-discovery and connection to something greater in the midst of danger in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


My Journey Through War and Peace, the first memoir of Melissa Burch's Pathfinder Trilogy, will be published by Mosaic Press on March 1st, 2016.



My friend, Natasha Charles, and I wrote an indie feature film script based on my memoir called THE LION OF PANJSHIR: Embedded with the Moujahedeen. It's an adventure romance story about  a strong-willed, 21-year-old journalist who embeds herself with the moujahedeen in Afghanistan and undergoes great danger to interview their elusive commander. Everything changes when she falls in love with an Afghan rebel. We worked closely on developing the script with Kathleen McLaughlin, producer of RABBIT-PROOF FENCE and THE QUIET AMERICAN.


Afghan guide leading Melissa Burch out of the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan

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My Journey Through War and Peace
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When you place a pre-order for this book, you will receive free access to the Pathfinder Module 1 four-week online course. You’ll learn strategies for overcoming obstacles, finding methods to face your fears and anxiety, and discover what really matters.

"My Journey Through War and Peace"

Advance Praise

Melissa's new memoir is adventuresome, inspiring and fun. Her account of travels into Afghanistan, Soviet Union, and living as a filmmaker in the NYC 80´s art scene is intense, raw and enchanting. She has a story that must be told and she does so with a new and charismatic voice.

Susana Aikin, Emmy Award Documentary Filmmaker of “Transformations”
Melissa's true life story is not only fascinating but she had me riveted to every word on the page.  Her openness to exploring new horizons in both her inner and outer world, developing awareness, eliciting meaning out of her experiences, and incorporating the lessons in the next step of her journey are totally relevant to the needs of all of us today. Kate Soudant, Editor

Moments like jewels – the lovemaking, of course, how could I not love that! Other kinds of jewels, too. The memoir shares insights in a direct and  down-to-earth way. In between the reflections of a young woman’s challenging adventure-cum-career as a filmmaker in a war zone are phenomena, life beyond ourselves, shining forth.

Yarrow, editor

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Melissa's Bio

I’m a writer, filmmaker, producer and former war journalist for the BBC, CBS, and other networks. My team was one of the first documentary crews in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and a story about me in Afghanistan was featured in The New York Times. I was just in my twenties when I traveled with the moujahedeen, filmed an attack on a Soviet convoy, slept with an Afghan commander, and climbed 14,000 foot mountains in the Hindu Kush. These experiences and many more are featured in my forthcoming adventure memoir, My Journey Through War and Peace.


I was the executive producer of "Women in Limbo Presents," a national public television series about women’s lives, and I’ve served as president of the New York Film/Video Council. My book, The Four Methods of Journal Writing: Finding Yourself Through Memoir, was a #1 Amazon bestseller and is still in the top 10 in its category. I am also a homeopath. I co-founded the Catalyst School of Homeopathy and produced and hosted one of the first successful radio shows on Voice America on homeopathy. When I’m not cooking dinner for friends and family, I enjoy writing and speaking about my books, travels and spiritual practice.

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