You know the story you have for yourself?
The one where you’re ready for an adventure, follow the passion you’ve put on hold (maybe for decades), make art, write that book, dance, find your tribe, travel, downsize, start the business, be more of service in your community or in the world, spend more time with your grandchildren, go deeper in your spiritual practice.
I’m here to help you start living that story.
I know from my research, clients, personal experience and—most importantly—hearing from you that the “boomer years” are a time in life when women tend to feel the most disconnected and aimless, or ready for something new!
With children out of the house, deep-rooted routines in place and possibly absent partners (sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically), you now have the space, time and resources to pursue your passions, creativity and adventures—but aren’t.
Usually, the soft calling to come back to that piece of yourself is there—you’re just not sure what it’s asking of you.
Through my blog, memoirs and group coaching programs, I help women at this stage of life explore your deepest desires and find your way back to the things that satisfy YOU, that give YOU energy, that make YOU feel alive and fulfilled.
Like any cycle of life, we get to choose what we make of it.
I’m here to help you choose boldly, wisely and from the depths of your truest desires.
Melissa Burch
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New Era Coaching

New Era Coaching

“Melissa is able to arrive at a profound, energetic understanding of the women she works with and her ability and willingness to share her method and her understanding is practiced in the same way that she does everything in her life—with passion, generosity and with grace.”
~ Teresa Bland


“In [My Journey Through War and Peace] a documentary filmmaker describes her dramatic journeys, both outward and inward... An absorbing, well-written memoir by a brave adventurer who discovered her own life.”
~ Kirkus Reviews


“Melissa is the real deal! She not only has the training, but she has the life experiences that bring authenticity and vulnerability to all that she is and all that she does.”
~ Jennifer Munley, Transformational Coach